Restaurants, Taverns and Pastries Michelin-starred chefs, experienced chefs and maitre chocolatier. Old taverns and restaurants of the new generation: together in a land where the past still lives in the present, making everything even more tasty

The Products of the Place A generous land gives its best fruits. From farms to shops: we discover the pearls of territory and tradition
The oeno-gastronomic Events Oenogastronomic events of national and international importance, such as Abbiategusto, the Porcino Mushroom Festival and St. Majolo's Fair

The Recipes Simple dishes or quick appetizers, but also elaborate recipes and valuable cooking advices on the Abbiatense chefs, and not only (...)

Restaurants, Taverns, Pubs and Pastries of the Abbiatense
A part completely dedicated to restaurants, taverns, pubs and pastries of the Abbiatense in which starred chefs and cheap taverns alternaite. Side By Side, internationally renowned maitre chocolatier as Besuschio, gourmand pizzaioli Gambero Rosso like Marita, starred chefs but also rustic restaurants and picturesque farms in which to spend a quiet day in the country, among taste, history and nature.

The Robecchese Caciotta: a zero meters product
A milk come exclusively from farms of the Ticino valley in the municipality of Robecco sul Naviglio, quick seasoning, fresh flavour and a little savoury. These are the unique features of a quality product as the Robecchese Caciotta, a cheese presented by the Company Fair of St. Majolo as regards the zero meters products.

All the peculiarities of this Caciotta are in the forage essences that grow in the prosperous valley of the Ticino, which confirme the naturalness, the simplicity and proximity to our area. The flavour has slightly herbaceous marks with a fresh taste and a strong smell of milk. The combinations are many: pies, cold pasta, grilled sandwiches and summer salads blend divinely.

The oeno-gastronomic events

Abbiategusto is the most important oenogastronomic festival of the Trade District of Abbiategrasso. The event is hosted in Abbiategrasso the last days of November every year. International exhibitors, representatives of the principals Slow Food, wine and beer tastings, national and international chefs, taste workshops and oenogastronomic flea markets are the elements that make it a unique three-day of taste.

The Porcino Mushroom Festival
The Porcino Mushroom Festival is an unfailing event for the village of Motta Visconti. The event takes place every year in late September and takes into the square all the oenogastronomic activities of Motta Visconti. Tables in company, outdoor music, mushrooms tasting and sale and certain fun.

The Fair of San Majolo
The Fair of San Majolo is an old agricultural market which is programmed every year on the First of May. The first edition dates back to more than 100 years ago and, from this point of view, has not changed. You can find on display and for sale animals, agricultural products , wine, beer, tasty food and demonstrations of life in the fields.

The Cherry Festival in Bareggio
The Cherry Festival in Bareggio was established many years ago. Every year they celebrated the harvest of the precious fruits in which the village was rich. Nowadays, after that industrialization and population growth have had a deep effect, survive some valuable cherry trees. There are many visitors who every year in early June come to Bareggio to celebrate and enjoy the tasty recipes made of cherries which the restaurants prepare for the occasion.

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