chiesa besateA path 5.5 km long that runs along the SS 526 for those who choose car as a means of transport. For those who prefer going by bike, there are two possible paths: the first runs in the valley that from the Abbey of Morimondo reaches Besate, the second follows the tow-path of the Naviglio from Morimondo to Besate. Following this itinerary you pass through the following municipalities: Morimondo; Coronate (hamlet of Morimondo); Basiano (hamlet of Morimondo); Fallavecchia (hamlet of Morimondo ); Besate.




The route


The starting point is necessarily in Morimondo, the most important and visited religious centre in the area. The abbey,  built as from the twelfth century, is no doubt a building steeped in history and offers to public unique environments, enriched by guided tours inside the building. 


Continuing along the trail you will reach Coronate, the place where it was initially built the Morimondo monastery, where you can visit the church of St. Mary Nascente. The building of Coronate, mentioned in some documents of 1101, is probably the religious building that housed, at least initially, the monks who came from Morimondo to build the abbey.


Leaving behind Coronate you can reach Basiano with only a 2 minute drive. Of the origin of this chapel, dedicated to St. Christopher, you have a first witness in a document of 1093. For centuries it was left to itself, and soon became a dilapidated building. Only the restorations between the '500 and '600 allowed the small church to survive and come to the present time.


Passed Basiano you get to Fallavecchia, a small village consisting of houses that in past years were inhabited mostly by laborers. The religious building, dedicated to St. George and mentioned already in 1145, is probably of a more ancient origin, it is even thought to date back to the Longobard period. The main reason attributes the structure to the Longobard age is to be found in the origins of Fallavecchia, which was a  Lombard Fara.


Finally, with the last section of the route you reach Besate, where you can visit San Michele's church, the most recent of the route. The first informations about that date back to the mid-sixteenth century. Even if, from what we learn from documents, the judgments on the building were not very flattering . Only the following restorations allowed the building to become an important place to visit. Along the whole route you can take refreshment in many restaurants and  taverns along the route.

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