castelloThe mysterious atmosphere of court life of those who ruled once in our villages, still lives on in those that have been their homes. In some municipalities of the abbiatense stand majestic castles of medieval origin that are waiting for a visit the local history enthusiasts or the curious attracted by the intrigues of  nobility.


First of all, Abbiategrasso Castle deserves to be seen the. It is situated between Castello Square and Garibaldi Square. Prototype for the Visconti fortifications built around the thirteenth century, after several changes of ownership, stages of restoration and attempts of demolition, is now seat of  the Civic Library.


Then go towards Rosate; not far from St. Stefano's church, admire what remains of the castle of Avogadri family. Inserted in a public park, the old mansion was built between 1323 and 1329. Consisting of brick and plaster, the castle is still characterized by a little tower on three floors with a large window, multiple brickwork arches and Ghibelline battlements. We also notice the cutouts for the bolzoni of the drawbridge.


Continue the visit reaching Cusago. There, in Soncino Square, you will find Visconti Castle. Built originally in 1370 as the country residence of Bernabò Visconti, show today the characters received in the times of the Sforzas', by will of Ludovico il Moro, who had transformed it into a palace. They are nowadays restoring it and you can visit the castle just outside.


If you still have time available, do not forget that in Vermezzo, next to the provincial road 30, the Big Farm, today private farm, was built in the twenties of the twentieth century, as a small reproduction of Sforzesco Castle in Milan. Despite not having ancient origins, it is a special structure that deserves to be seen at the end of an afternoon spent among Lombardy courts.


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