bestazzoThe church of St. Mary in Bestazzo has a very ancient origin. Already in the thirteenth century, in fact, the "Liber Notitiae Sanctorum" mentioned that the building is located south of the heart of Bestazzo. The presence of a place of worship allowed Bestazzo to become, in 1398, home of a chaplain belonging to the Corbetta church, which became a parish in the sixteenth century.


The origin of the Church of St. Mary Taken dates back to the Lombard period, but the documents found show a complete reconstruction of the building between 1585 and 1592. Other interventions and decorative embellishments followed over the centuries.


What features the building is the bell tower, visible from the highway that runs near the village, and its façade, which, unlike the entire complex, is presented in a particular style with exposed stones. The plan of the worship building has a classic structure with three naves, the central is the largest one.






Chiesa di Santa Maria dell'Assunta



  • Street of Vittoria 9  - 20080, Cisliano (fraz. Bestazzo), MI, Italy


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