Friday 6 December 2019
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The Districts of commerce

The Districts of commerce are the most innovative way of public management and organization of urban areas that recognize the role of trade as strategic for the economic development and local growth of the territory.
The keystone is the partnership between Public Administrations and the most representative Merchants' Association (Ascom) covering a coordination role aimed at sustaining the small trade activities and aimed to preserve the trade of proximity and to protect the small and medium sized urban centres life.
The District of Commerce, is an area with homogeneous characteristics to which public and private entities offer integrated management interventions with the common interest of economic, social and cultural development and environmental development of the urban and territorial context of reference.

It is a conglomeration of people, businesses, history, natural features, architectural and landscape threasures forming a territory, making it alive and helping to make it better. An heterogeneous group, in short, that makes unique every district, but also a group of actors who daily work in order to achieve common goals.

Four districts, each headed by a Common Leader and fourteen Municipalitiess with several commercial activities of neighborhood. These are the numbers and the elements that form the basis of the new districts of Abbiate area, created thanks to the invaluable financial support of the Lombardy Region and especially thanks to the excellent supporting and intermediation work done by Ascom Abbiategrasso and by the local environment

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