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zerboA new didactic route, comes to life in a large area of woodland called Zerbo Woods in the territory of Besate characterized by deciduous forests and large hills with aquatic vegetation and animals.


The area takes its name from the church dated 1600, dedicated to Our Lady of Zerbo, open to the public only on the second Sunday of May, on the occasion of the traditional feast.


In order to understand biodiversity with all its links, you can watch or listen to the sound of some birds such as the great red woodpecker, the great tit and the nightingale.


In the proximity of waterways, along the banks there are herons, such as the heron, egret and night heron. Numerous species of fish, such as troutsturgeon and the Danube roach, inhabit the waters of the river.


It will be easy to see through the trees deerswild boars, red squirrels, foxes and badgers.






Comune di Besate



  • Duca Uberto Visconti di Modrone Street 5 - 20080, Besate, MI, Italy

  • Telephone: + 39 02 9050906

  • Fax: +39 02 90098006

  • PEC: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




Lo Zerbo – Luxury Location



  • Lo Zerbo 1 - 20080, Besate, MI, Italy
  • Telephone: + 39 340 8684668
  • E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


terzagoThe oldest building in the city of Cisliano. This is the main feature of Terzago Palace which was the residence of the Terzaghi Family, feudal hamlet of Bestazzo, the place where the building stands. The origins are thought to be very old, probably dating to the medieval period. The whole is set in a typical installation of medieval streets and it is supposed to have been part of an earlier medieval fortress and probably of a Roman fort.


The entire whole is now a private residence and it is located in the center of Bestazzo overlooking the square.






Palazzo Terzago



  • Street of Vittoria 4 - 20080, Cisliano (fraz. Bestazzo), MI, Italy 


bestazzoThe church of St. Mary in Bestazzo has a very ancient origin. Already in the thirteenth century, in fact, the "Liber Notitiae Sanctorum" mentioned that the building is located south of the heart of Bestazzo. The presence of a place of worship allowed Bestazzo to become, in 1398, home of a chaplain belonging to the Corbetta church, which became a parish in the sixteenth century.


The origin of the Church of St. Mary Taken dates back to the Lombard period, but the documents found show a complete reconstruction of the building between 1585 and 1592. Other interventions and decorative embellishments followed over the centuries.


What features the building is the bell tower, visible from the highway that runs near the village, and its façade, which, unlike the entire complex, is presented in a particular style with exposed stones. The plan of the worship building has a classic structure with three naves, the central is the largest one.






Chiesa di Santa Maria dell'Assunta



  • Street of Vittoria 9  - 20080, Cisliano (fraz. Bestazzo), MI, Italy


palazzo radice fossatiThe palace now houses the Town Hall and it is located in the center of the main Bareggio square: Cavour Square. Of old yellow, Visconti di Modrone Radice Fossati Palace was built in 1647. Today you can see only a few traces of the past because of the numerous restorations and modifications that the building had to undergo when it passed to the Radice Fossati  Family in the Nineteenth century.


Among the signs of the first building you will notice frescoed vault dating back to 1647. Very valuable great staircase with balustrades and columns leading to the administrative offices.





Palazzo Visconti di Modrone Radice Fossati


  • Cavour Square 39 - 20010, Bareggio, MI, Italy 


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